Cooking recipes Serundeng yellow flirting is quite unique and interesting to look at and seductive, it's eager to taste it because of his posture that looks a little nyeleneh and kunikkannya able to hypnotize the culinary lovers. This seductive serundeng cooking recipes you can serve with rice rames which recipe you can find at the website Cooking recipes serundeng can also tempt the yellow in the complementary side dishes to serve you with family or guests at a family gathering or a celebration. Yellow Serundeng tempting cuisine recipes

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How to make serundeng yellow

Material: 1/2 grain old coconut 1 bay leaf pieces 3 pieces 1 cm Ginger Lime leaves, galangal, 1 cm memarkan memarkan SPICE PASTE: 5 grains of red onion 3 cloves garlic 5 cm turmeric 1/2 tbsp coriander, roasted 1/2 tsp ground cumin roasted, 1 tbsp granulated sugar salt HOW to MAKE sauf 1/2:1. Peel the coconut half old, clean wash and drain, shredded lengthwise. 2. Mix the grated coconut with a spice paste until blended. 3. Cook spiced coconut along with bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal and Ginger while diaduk-aduk until it dries and pervasive spices. Lift. 4. Serve as a complementary rice rames.