Flu or bone called cikungunya due to Parvovirus B19 virus. Though not menyababkan death, disease or bone cikungunya flu it causes paralysis. The disease is usually referred to as cikungunya or bone fever. The cause is the same as the Aedes mosquito, namely DBD Aegypty. The nature of its spread so quickly that the cikungunya very quickly, can cause paralysis. Penyabab Symptoms And How To Treat Flu Naturally Cikungunya Or Bone That Is Proven Safe And Efficacious Potent

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How flu clinic symptoms of bone?

The main symptoms of the flu are the bones of the body feels the fever, followed by rheumatic pain in joints. Symptoms of bone 2-4 weeks ran post regular flu. Other symptoms, the sufferer feel very cold.

How are flu bones?

Usually health conditions will gradually improve after 3 weeks. The sufferer should eat nutritious meals high and as far as possible avoid smoking, coffee and high fatty foods so as not to become more severe. It is highly recommended not to consume any type of existing flu drugs on the market because it is very dangerous.